4th Annual Team Building

On what would be the coldest day of the winter, the Jupiter Warriors Boys Lacrosse team started the WLTW 2022 team building and leadership day at 5:30am at Carlin Park. Guided through the day by former U.S. Army Ranger and former JHS lax dad, Tripper Vincent and Gunnery Sergeant Thatcher Carr, the theme of the event was inspired by the Battle of Thermopylae where King Leonidas led a group of 300 Spartan warriors in the fight against the massive Persian army. Before the battle began, the Persians commanded the Spartans to drop their weapons, to which Leonidas famously replied “molon labe” which translates to “come and take”.  Against insurmountable odds, the 300 warriors were eventually defeated, but not without a historic standoff and fight.  As the defending FHSAA Class 2A champions, the Jupiter Warriors would expect to face every one of their opponent’s best shots as they have what the rest of the state teams want—the state championship trophy.

As the team had lost most of the starting line-up from the state championship, the odds of defending the trophy seemed insurmountable, but the team learned to fight until the bitter end regardless of the outcome. Led by Tripper and Thatcher, players endured early morning group beach workouts at Carlin Park, including an early morning dip in the cool Atlantic Ocean water. After dealing with a series of challenges and theme reinforcement, the team proceeded to engage in several games of paintball at Piquet Entertainment & Race Park. They closed the event at the end of the day back at Carlin Park, where the team was presented with the Molon Labe flag that each player signed as a commitment to not quit under any circumstances. Team families greeted the team with a feast fit for warriors!  

Warriors Lead The Way! Molon Labe!

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