“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” 3rd Annual WLTW Teambuilding Leadership weekend.


“The only easy day was yesterday”, was what the 2020 Warriors must have been thinking at 5:30 AM Saturday morning.  The beginning of their WLTW Team-building Leadership weekend.  It was for the team stepping off into the unknown, since their only instruction was to arrive at a parking lot at a set time with a bag of dry clothes, towel and be prepared to be cold, wet, uncomfortable and tired.  The past two seasons they knew where they were heading, the US Army Ranger school in Ft. Benning, Georgia.  In 2020 they were in the dark.

After a nice comfortable ride about an hour North, they arrived at their 1st destination on N. Hutchinson Island, to be pleasantly greeted by Gunnery Sargent Thatcher Carr.  Quickly formed up for some light PT of jumping jacks and push ups. The players next were teamed up with their swim buddy, a Senior with a Freshman or Sophomore and Juniors with Juniors or Sophomores.  Swim buddy carry from the parking lot down to the surf line on the beach.  This is where they learned the term “hit the surf”, were they form up, interlocking arms, face the shore, get down on the sand and begin flutter kicks in the surf.  50 minutes of beach PT, to start a lovely day at the beach.

“I never lose.  I either win or I learn.”

“Cowards never start. The Weak never win.  Winners never quit.”

“The pain you’re feeling is just your weakness leaving your body.  Embrace the suck.”

After a well done PT session, quick beach shower clean up and change into dry clothes, they enjoyed a nice breakfast, hot coffee & cocoa provided by Senior Mom Robyn Jones, with a discussion on Leadership and being a good Leader. At 10:00 AM the UDT/SEAL museum opened and the Warriors had a introduction to the museum by Navy SEAL Andy.  Half the Team of swim buddy’s began the UDT/SEAL obstacle course while the other have entered the museum for exploration.  The two groups of swim buddy’s switched it up and Team 2 of swim buddy’s had their run at the obstacles.  Overall the Team had two full hours to explore and learn about what it takes to be a Navy SEAL warrior.

Loaded back up and heading south along the ocean, the Team stopped for lunch along the water and a little messing with their minds thinking they were going to have to “hit the surf”.  Loaded back up and a slow roll to the next unknown destination.  Next stop and offloaded at the Juno Beach Pier Parking lot for the beginning of the next Phase, “The Crucible”.  The Warriors are told that they need to “Lead the Way”, and are given instructions to make it to the next objective on the map they are given.  For the next two and a half hours they would make their way up the beach to the Jupiter Inlet.  The Warriors believed they would be doing this event for the next six hours meeting their objectives.  They moved from stop to stop, each manned by a Team dad to manage the station objective, brain teasers, PT, memorization and upon completion they earned the map to the next objective.

Little did the Warriors know that upon completion of Stop 4, they would be directed to Stop 5, that would take them over the walking bridge at Dubois Park. Set up on the West side of the bridge waiting with anticipation was the Warrior Families ready to cheer them home, with the Electric Pow Wow and cheers to the end of “The Crucible”.

A beautiful evening to share a pot luck with the team and families.  The players were awarded their season flag, a Navy SEAL Trident, which they all signed, taking a commitment to one another as Teammates.  Seniors were given their 2020 tomahawk to carry on the tradition from the Rangers.  A great evening to celebrate with family, a good nights rest and preparation for a Sunday of fun and afternoon of paint ball as a Team.

Warriors Lead the Way 2020


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