2019 National Signing Day. Warriors Committing to play at the next level.

Wednesday of last week was National Signing Day, a commitment to play NCAA sports in college.  It is with great pride that we announce, that once again we have some extraordinary athletes that have been recruited to play at the next level.  If you are reading this post without following our progression this season, please note that the awesome hair of our seniors, is worn with a since of pride.  District Champions requires a “Battle Dress” haircut & color, to fight their way through the playoffs.  Warriors Leading the Way.

Dylan Frankhouser – FOGO, was recruited and has committed to play, as well as serve his country at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  Special note of a recent stat: as of last nights win we would also like to point out that Dylan has won in his 4 year career as a Warrior over 900 Face-offs and picked up over 400 Ground-balls.   Go Falcons!!

Riley Linden – Midfield, has been recruited to play and study at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Riley has a passion for flight and felt that Embry-Riddle was the best choice to take his midfield athleticism, play lacrosse and become a future pilot.  Go Eagles!!

Jack Lambert – Attack, has been recruited to play and study at Rollins College.  It is going to be exciting to watch this team over the next several years, since they have started heavily recruiting in our local area.  A great chance for us all to catch games and cheer on our Alumni, Revolution, Blue Devil and Storm players of past.  Go Tars!!

Kai Stampar – Defense & LSM, has also been recruited to study and play at Rollins College.  So having Kai & Jack at Rollins, we will need to post on our social media, when and how to stream their games next season.  Go Tars!!

Congratulations, on all your years of hard work on the field and in the class room!!  You have set and are setting the example of how Warriors Lead the Way.


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