2019 College Warriors. Leading the way at the next level.

Wanted to make sure that our Warrior Family was up to date on our Warrior Alumni, currently playing at the next level.  If I have missed anyone, I apologize.  Please reach out to us and update our Warrior records and we will update.  We also would like to keep track of their events this season and any good photos we can share.  These young men helped build this program to were it is today, are representing our community at the next level and it is nice to celebrate their success.

Class of 2015: Peter Cox (DI West Point), Zach Crotty (DI Jacksonville), Connor  Alexander (DI Duke)

Class of 2017:  Michael Dean (DI Jacksonville), Matt Meyers (DIII Bridgewater)

Class of 2018: Joey Bretz (DI Hartford), Kenny Cronin (DI UMBC), Garrett Vincent (DIII Maritime)

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