WLTW 2019 Ranger Weekend Complete. AAR

Ranger weekend 2019 or as we have been calling it WLTW 2019, “Mission Complete.”  To stick with our military theme for the weekend, we felt it only fitting to have a AAR (After Action Review).

The weekend was hosted and designed by COL Vincent, with the intention to challenge the team both mentally and physically.  Taking them out of their comfort zone (it was also cold) to present obstacles to overcome as an individual and team.  Each day had a physical challenge to overcome, Day 1 Malvesti, Day 2 Peden Field and the Ranger trail run on Day 3.  The team finished strong on all three challenges.  Mental challenges to overcome, weather (cold & wet), physical fatigue (tired), SGM Gomez yelling encouragement, lectures regarding Team & Leadership.  Weekend had some down time to relax/regroup at the National Infantry Museum, paint-ball, football playoff games at hotel.

Some take aways from the weekend:

  • Responsibility to both Team and yourself.
  • Mental & Physical toughness.
  • “You are only as strong as your weakest link.”
  • Brotherhood

Final take away the Team has discovered.  This is not the Warrior Team of 2018.  This is the WLTW 2019 Team, new Senior leadership, JV players ready to step up to Varsity, to Warrior up and rise to the challenge of the 2019 season.  New signed 2019 Ranger flag and Tomahawk.  2019 Season kicks off with tryouts starting next Monday.  It will be exciting to see this team compete and grow as Warriors.

Warriors Lead the Way


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