WLTW 2019 Day 2.

All right Warrior Family, day 2 complete.  Day 2 is all about Team.  The 2019 Team started early with an upper body obstacle course on Peden Field.  It was cold, temps in the lower 30’s, but the Team rose to the challenge and finished the exercise.  They had the chance to quickly run back to the hotel and change for a tour of the US Army Airborne school, hosted by the 507th Airborne BN.

LT Joe Amato assigned to the 507th spent time talking to the Team about his experience being recruited to play DI lacrosse at VMI and the value it has given him to his future career.  A Q&A lecture regarding being part of of successful team was presented by COL Douglas Vincent, Ft. Benning Chief of Staff.  Warriors Leading the Way, into the 2019 season.

Good hot lunch at the OCS mess hall and on to the NIM (National Infantry Museum), to spend time walking the halls for the afternoon.  Southern BBQ dinner and some great football (Close Games), wraps up Day 2.  Early PT running scheduled for the morning.



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