WLTW 2019 Day 1 is in the books.

Well Day 1 of WLTW 2019 is in the books.  Team had to endure a full day starting early with the ranger in-brief by the US Army’s ARTB at Camp Rogers. The RI’s started them out running through the Malvesti obstacle course in 19 team of two Battle Buddy’s.  Overcast and 50 degree weather made the water obstacle a little uncomfortable for the Warriors from Jupiter.

After completing the course as a Team, they had the opportunity to be briefed by a two time Olympic Gold medalist SFC McPhail on his dedication to training.  This was followed by a briefing by the 2018 Best Ranger winner SFC Rolfes discussion on mental toughness and never quitting.  Quick lunch of MRE’s and off to Todd Field for some CQB and head to head paint ball matches.

The team made a quick stop to check out some historic armor, before heading back to the hotel for a pasta dinner.  With day 1 down, have to catch some Zzz’s for another big day tomorrow.

We can not thank the Command, NCO’s and soldiers of the 4th Ranger BN enough.  These are the patriots that truly make our country Great.  #RLTW,  #WLTW2019

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